The San Diego Union-Tribune
Christian Hertzog
February 13, 2017

Kavakos, Wang take audience on ‘profound musical journey’

“Violinist Leonidas Kavakos made a rare appearance in San Diego Saturday evening at the Balboa Theatre. The Greek virtuoso is well known in Europe, not so much here.

His accompanist, however—Yuja Wang—is one of the hottest pianists of her generation, and audiences pack venues to hear her play.

Wang’s presence on Saturday’s bill for the La Jolla Music Society may have sold more tickets, but Kavakos won over listeners with his incredible artistry.

Flawless instrumental technique always impresses. Kavakos had outstanding command of his instrument, a 1724 Stradivarius. He popped off stratospheric notes from nowhere, perfectly in tune and singing expressively. Jumping back and forth between highest and lowest strings? No problem! Lightning fast runs? Here you go! Extreme changes in tone, flickering back and forth? Piece o’ cake! And no matter what the technical demands, he could always produce a passionate sound that hit you square in the heart and radiated out through your bones.”