The San Diego Union-Tribune 
Christian Hertzog
November 18, 2019

It’s not even 249 years after Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth — Dec. 16, 1770 — yet programmatic celebrations of his 250th anniversary have already begun.

Beethoven’s symphonies, sonatas and concertos are heading your way, like it or not. Think there’s already too much Beethoven at concerts? You may want to hibernate for a year or two.

However, there are other ways to observe this milestone besides nothing-but-Beethoven performances, as the Danish String Quartet demonstrated in Baker-Baum Concert Hall this past weekend.

On Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, we heard the first two offerings of their series for the La Jolla Music Society devoted to Beethoven’s last five string quartets. Each concert features a late Beethoven opus, a J.S. Bach work arranged for string quartet, and a later composer’s quartet that demonstrates Beethoven’s and/or Bach’s influence.