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PREVIEW: Cedar Lake honors past, plans for its future

UT San Diego
By Pam Kragen
February 13, 2014

The most successful dance companies are those that can carve out a niche that’s unique, and their work is instantly identifiable.

For much of its 10 years, New York’s Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet has been in that prized position. The 16-member troupe’s sinuous, athletic style is catnip for cameras (TV’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” the film “The Adjustment Bureau” and multiple advertisements), and it has become the premiere U.S. launchpad for the work of emerging European choreographers.




PREVIEW: Cedar Lake honors past, plans for its future2014-04-14T16:10:59-07:00

La Jolla Music Society marks 45th season with two moving performances

La Jolla Light
By Lonnie Burstein Hewitt
February 12, 2014

La Jolla Music Society, now celebrating its 45th anniversary season, can trace its roots back to 1941, when the Musical Arts Society of La Jolla was founded by Nikolai Sokoloff, a former conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra. Aided by music-minded La Jollans like Ellen and Roger Revelle, the Society commissioned 20 new works in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, presenting them in the auditorium at La Jolla High School.

In 1968, the organization morphed into the La Jolla Chamber Orchestra, and then the La Jolla Chamber Music Society. Year after year, they kept growing, building a reputation for presenting high-quality concerts with renowned musicians like Yo-Yo Ma, who will be back again March 12 as part of the 2014 Celebrity Recital Series.




La Jolla Music Society marks 45th season with two moving performances2014-04-14T16:14:27-07:00

REVIEW: Josh Bell Cool and Collected at the Balboa

San Diego Story
By Ken Herman
February 8, 2014

Milwaukee’s recent brazen Stradivarius violin heist—and subsequent recovery—has garnered a good deal of media attention, including a front-page story in Friday’s (Feb. 7) New York Times. That same evening, another storied Stradivarius with an equally crime-tinged history made an appearance at downtown San Diego’s Balboa Theatre played by Joshua Bell.

This was not the first time Bell has appeared in recital courtesy of the La Jolla Music Society; the popular violinist also performed with the San Diego Symphony last May in preparation for joining the Symphony on its China tour in November 2013, including a concert at Shanghai’s Oriental Art Center.




REVIEW: Josh Bell Cool and Collected at the Balboa2014-04-14T16:15:17-07:00

PREVIEW: Ever-roaming LuPone about to hit town

UT San Diego
By James Hebert
January 24, 2014

As wide-ranging as her career has been — from megahit musicals to long-running TV series, modest off-Broadway plays to sprawling operas — Patti LuPone is still probably best-known for playing a certain glamorous and driven South American icon.

So identified has she been with the larger-than-life lead figure from “Evita” that when the diminutive but dynamic singer-actress was still playing that role on Broadway, fans couldn’t comprehend the distinction between LuPone and Perón.




PREVIEW: Ever-roaming LuPone about to hit town2014-04-14T16:15:46-07:00

PREVIEW: Patti LuPone, Far and Away

Rage Magazine
By Joel Martens
January 2014

Building a solid career on the notoriously shifting sands of American theatre can be challenging, even for someone as gifted as Patti LuPone. It’s a place where at one moment you’re on top of the world and another at the bottom of the lofty dune, wondering how you landed there.




PREVIEW: Patti LuPone, Far and Away2014-01-17T15:32:15-08:00

REVIEW: Pianist Haochen Zhang Dazzles La Jolla Audience

San Diego Story
By Ken Herman
December 8, 2013

What do we expect when a first-prize winner of the prestigious Van Cliburn International Piano Competition plays a recital? Displays of virtuosity? A perceptive sense of musical style? Sophisticated programming with probing insights into familiar scores and rewarding discoveries of lesser-known works?

In his Saturday (Dec. 7) program for the La Jolla Music Society, Haochen Zhang, gold medalist of the 2009 Van Cliburn Competition, not only dazzled his audience wtih the bravura technical arsenal expected from a medalist, but invited his listeners into the interior emotional landscapes of works that others rush through solely to induldge their spectacle.




REVIEW: Pianist Haochen Zhang Dazzles La Jolla Audience2014-01-27T11:30:55-08:00

PREVIEW: Building a Career on YouTube

U-T San Diego
By James Chute
December 4, 2013

Like many members of his generation, pianist Haochen Zhang has no trouble finding shocking things on YouTube. But in Zhang’s case, it’s watching videos of young pianists and then watching videos of the same pianists shot years later.

“I often come across across Asian kids, or American kids, or European kids, on YouTube and they sound amazing when they are like 7, 8, or 10 years old,” said Zhang, who performs Saturday on the La Jolla Music Society’s Frieman Family Piano Series at Sherwood Auditorium. “They can play a lot of amazing pieces.”



PREVIEW: Building a Career on YouTube2014-01-27T11:31:20-08:00

REVIEW: Silk Road’s Gospel of Global Harmony

San Diego Story
By Ken Herman
October 21, 2013

Everyone knows the conclusion of the old saw that begins, “East is east and west is west …” Over the last 15 years, the mission of the Silk Road Project has been to prove how amicably the twain can meet on musical grounds.


REVIEW: Silk Road’s Gospel of Global Harmony2014-01-27T11:30:16-08:00

Top 5 classical music events this fall

UT San Diego
By James Chute
September 29, 2013

The La Jolla Music Society presents The Silk Road Ensemble on October 20, 2013. James Chute of the UT San Diego calls it one of the “[t]op 5 classical music events this fall.”

Don’t even think about calling it crossover, or world music, or classical. This distinguished, diverse, innovative, eclectic and sometimes electric ensemble plays music, and unless you are without a pulse, there’s something in it for you.


Top 5 classical music events this fall2014-01-27T11:26:15-08:00

REVIEW: Raymond Leppard Brings SummerFest to Genial Close

San Diego Story
By Ken Herman
August 24, 2013

Bringing in Kent Nagano to conduct last season’s SummerFest grand finale chamber orchestra concert was a smashing success that festival Music Director Cho-Liang Lin thought he could get lightning to strike again in the same place by signing up James Conlon, another star conductor, for the 2013 SummerFest finale.

Conlon, who is Music Director of both the Los Angeles Opera and Chicago’s summer long Ravinia Festival, was able to shoehorn La Jolla into his busy conducting schedule, but no one had counted on the unexpected surgery that took the maestro off the podium for the month of August. On short notice the La Jolla Music Society drafted the estimable English conductor Raymond Leppard to fill in for Conlon.

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REVIEW: Raymond Leppard Brings SummerFest to Genial Close2014-01-27T11:25:21-08:00