San Diego Jewish Journal
Natalie Jacobs
November 28, 2016

LJMS Brings More Music

“When Pinchas Zukerman was in town for the La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest, he quietly led a Master Class at the La Jolla Library. It was free, open to the public and filled up quickly. This is rare, that a small group of regular people get such an up-close experience with a musician of Zukerman’s stature. But for the La Jolla Music Society and its educational programming team of two, this is just one part of a big mission.

“[As] part of … SummerFest, we ask that all 80-plus musicians engage in some sort of education activity,” explains Leah Rosenthal, director of artistic planning and education for LJMS. “I would say that almost all of them have [offered an educational program in addition to their performance].”

The Society’s winter season follows the same protocol – it is Rosenthal and Education Manager Allison Boles’ goal to get artists out into the community to expose budding musicians and dancers to the personalities and talents of touring artists. It’s also about exposing different communities to classical and chamber music and dance.”