Rage Monthly Magazine
Joel Martens
March 14, 2017

Black Grace: Dance Unbound

“They say that music is the universal language. It’s inherent to all human conditions and a language that shares stunning commonalities, no matter what place you inhabit on the globe.
Another expression we share as humans? We dance.

Drop yourself anywhere on this diverse planet, no matter how remote and you will find some form of dance movement. It may not be on a gilded stage, or choreographed in the style of a grand, classical ballet, but it will be there. The gift of joyous abandon to physical movement, engaging rhythms formed by sinew and bone, as compelling be they in a discotheque, just beyond the proscenium or around a jungle fire. In whatever form, it is a beautiful thing.

Some may be better-equipped to execute the ritual, indeed, some spend their entire lives perfecting it. Classical ballet offers a certain kind of beauty through controlled, physical perfection and modern dance seeks to break free of those bonds, creating a genre of ecstatic expression that is in many ways, limitless. Movement imbued with richness culled from unique cultures and traditions, creations for which innovation is the paradigm.”