The San Diego Union-Tribune
George Varga
June 10, 2018

La Jolla Music Society SummerFest music director Cho-Liang “Jimmy” Lin vows to pull out all the stops in August when he concludes his final season as the heart and soul of the La Jolla Music Society’s acclaimed chamber-music celebration.

“I’m kind of ditching the musical parameters I usually have,” said Lin, who has expertly guided SummerFest as its music director for the past 18 years.

“I thought: ‘OK, I’ll just do whatever I want.’ And, hopefully, the audience will walk away happy. Even if they’re not happy, they’ll be rid of me!”

Lin, one of the classical-music world’s most acclaimed violinists since the 1980s, laughed heartily.

“I’m being facetious, of course,” he hastened to add. “I want the audience to be pleased and satisfied every year.”

That’s a goal Lin has handily achieved since becoming SummerFest’s music director in late 2000. He assumed that role 16 years after making his audacious 1985 San Diego concert debut at a La Jolla Music Society-produced concert in Balboa Park…