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SIRO-A is a six member Japanese performance group from Sendai, Japan. Their name means “belonging to no group, impossible to define.” In their first American tour, the group combines electronic music and visual illusions with human performance to create one ultimate experience.

Toshinori Abe is from Sendai, Japan and is one of the original members of SIRO-A. He excels in mime, acting and comedy numbers and has been involved in acting since he was in high school.

Yohei Iwai joined SIRO-A in 2012 and is one of the youngest members of the group. He developed his physical ability though rhythmic gymnastics and attracts audiences with his acrobatic numbers.

Keisuke Kawashima joined SIRO-A in 2013. Prior to SIRO-A he performed with pantomime group “SOUKI” and Ongakuza Musical Company.

Yuki Inoue joined SIRO-A in 2013 as an acrobatic performer. He performed as a dancer with Tokyo Disney Resort before joining the group.

Ryosuke Sato is an original member of SIRO-A. He has worked as a visual creator for the team since they began focusing on projection mapping performance.

Hiroyuki Iwai is also an original member and the sound programmer for the group. He acquired programing and composing skills in college and soon after began his career.

This performance marks Siro-A’s La Jolla Music Society debut.

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