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Antonio Canales, Carlos Rodríguez, Karime Amaya, Jesús Carmona, Lucía Campillo, Carmen Coy


Rocío Bazán, Antonio Campos, Ismael de la Rosa, vocalists
Paco Cruz, Daniel Jurado, guitars
Roman Gottwald, violin
Miguel El Cheyenne, percussion


Ángel Rojas, director
Marc Bartoló, stage manager
David Pérez, lighting
Ángel Olalla, Manu Meñaca, audio
Alex Salade, road manager


Antonio Canales was born in 1961 and began his formal studies at the National Ballet of Spain where he was able to work as a soloist. There, Mr. Canales joined the company of Maguy Marin, which opened the doors for him to the world of dance on an international level. He is the recipient of the National Award for Dance (1995) and creator of numerous shows and festivals.

Carlos Rodríguez was born in Madrid in 1975, and his professional dancing career began with the Ballet Teatro Español under the direction of Rafael Aguilar. In 1994, he won the award for Most Outstanding Dancer at the Certámen Nacional de Coreografía de Danza Española, and he worked for the Teatro de la Zarzuela, under the direction of Emilio Sagi. Mr. Rodríguez has also choreographed and danced for the José Antonio Spanish Ballet teaches privately.

Karime Amaya was born in 1985 to a family deeply rooted in the flamenco tradition. She is the grandniece of Carmen Amaya and made her debut in her parents’ troupe at nine years old. She has performed and toured extensively with various companies including the Festival Arte Flamenco in Mont-de-Marsan, France and a six month tour in Japan at Tokyo’s prestigious “EI Flamenco.”

Jesús Carmona began his training at age seven in “La Macarena y el Niño Morón”. He received his Degree in Spanish Dance and Flamenco at the Institute of Theatre and Dance of Barcelona in 2004. Mr. Carmona made his professional debut at the Teatro Zorrilla with the Orchestra of the Teatro Liceu in Barcelona and he danced with the National Ballet of Spain until 2012.

This performance marks Gala Flamenca’s La Jolla Music Society debut.